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[/news/china/index.html China]'s state broadcaster has reported that Beijing's army launched dozens of missiles during a live-fire drill this week over the South China Sea. <br>The air-to-air missiles were fired during the two-day military exercise attended by nearly 100 soldiers in an undisclosed area west of China's Hainan Island, the official outlet said. <br>Beijing's propaganda machine has been [/news/article-8858863/China-flaunts-footage-fighter-jet-pilot-warning-warplane-amid-tensions-Taiwan.html boasting about the country's military capabilities] while sending warnings to other countries amid souring relations with the US and Taiwan.<br>Chinese President Xi this month told his marine soldiers to [/news/article-8838495/Chinas-President-Xi-tells-soldiers-focus-preparing-WAR-visits-marine-base.html focus on war preparedness] while remaining highly vigilant. <br>               Footage released by China's state TV shows a missile being launched from a fighter jet<br>         Beijing's propaganda machine claimed dozens of missiles were fired during a two-day drill<br>   RELATED ARTICLES  [# Previous] [# 1] [# Next]    [/news/article-8871651/Korean-War-commemoration-Chinas-President-Xi-calls-insufferably-arrogant-invader.html  China's President Xi slams 'American imperialism' and calls...] [/news/article-8869083/China-tensions-Beijing-threatens-retaliation-Washingtons-1-8bn-arms-sale-Taiwan.html  China threatens retaliation against the US over its...] [/news/article-8871845/China-not-recognize-British-issued-Hong-Kong-passports.html China accuses Britain of 'violating its promises' and warns...] [/news/article-8869429/Putin-Russia-China-military-alliance-ruled-out.html  Putin says a Russia/China military alliance far more...]   <br><br><br><br>Share this article<br>Share<br>24 shares<br><br><br>The drill took place on Tuesday and Wednesday and was organised by the naval force of the Southern Theatre Command of the People's Liberation Army, reported the military channel of China Central Television Station (CCTV).<br>Nearly 100 fighter jet pilots attended the exercises and launched dozens of missiles, the state-run outlet announced on Thursday through [ ], the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.<br>CCTV also released footage of soldiers loading multiple missiles onto an unidentified fighter jet and the weapons being ejected from a warplane.<br>The report said the drill was aimed to test the troops' weaponry performance 'in a real-war environment'.<br>        The report said some 100 soldiers attended the exercise in an undisclosed area west of Hainan<br>        The drill was intended to test the troops' weaponry performance 'in a real-war environment'<br>      The footage comes at a time of high tension between China and self-ruled Taiwan, which Beijing considers its own. China has ramped up diplomatic and military pressure since the 2016 election of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.<br>Washington's increased outreach to Taiwan under President Donald Trump has become yet another flashpoint with Beijing, as the US and China clash over a range of trade and security issues, as well as the coronavirus pandemic.<br>Chinese President Xi Jinping urged his marine soldiers to focus on getting ready for war during a visit to a military base in southern China on October 13.<br>He told his Navy troops to 'focus all [your] minds and energy on preparing for war and maintain a high level of alert', reported state broadcaster CCTV, citing the leader.<br>Just days earlier, China threatened to take over Taiwan by [/news/article-8831001/China-threatens-Taiwan-conducting-live-fire-military-drill.html releasing footage of its soldiers 'seizing an island'].<br>In the video released by state broadcaster CCTV on October 10, troops from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) are seen simulating an attack on an unidentified island during a large-scale military exercise.<br>        China's President Xi urged his marine soldiers to focus on getting ready for war this month<br>      On Monday, CCTV released footage of a Chinese fighter jet pilot [/news/article-8858863/China-flaunts-footage-fighter-jet-pilot-warning-warplane-amid-tensions-Taiwan.html warning an 'intruding warplane' to leave its air space before reportedly forcing it away].<br>The Chinese officer can be heard speaking over the radio in barely comprehensible English while following closely behind the [http://www.ourmidland.com/search/?q=alleged%20enemy alleged enemy] warplane. <br>The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China yesterday [/news/article-8869083/China-tensions-Beijing-threatens-retaliation-Washingtons-1-8bn-arms-sale-Taiwan.html threatened retaliation] after the US State Department approved the potential sale of three [http://www.wordreference.com/definition/weapons%20systems weapons systems] to Taiwan in a deal that could have a total value of $1.8billion (£1.38billion). <br>The sales 'seriously interfere with China's internal affairs,  [https://www.kynghidongduong.vn/tours/du-lich-trung-quoc-gia-re/ tour trung quốc] seriously damage China's sovereignty and security interests, send a seriously wrong signal to Taiwan independence forces, and severely damage China-U.S.<br><br>relations and peace and  [https://www.kynghidongduong.vn/tours/du-lich-trung-quoc-gia-re/ kynghidongduong.vn] stability in the Taiwan Strait', China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.  <br><div class="art-ins mol-factbox news" data-version="2" id="mol-adb3abf0-1537-11eb-a60c-23f191b9483a" website army &apos;launched dozens of missiles&apos; over the South China Sea
tour du lịch hạ long</A><br><br>[https://www.kynghidongduong.vn/tours/tour-du-lich-vinh-ha-long-ha-noi-gia-re-nhat-dich-vu-tot-nhat.html kynghidongduong.vn]<br><br>[https://www.kynghidongduong.vn/tours/tour-du-lich-vinh-ha-long-ha-noi-gia-re-nhat-dich-vu-tot-nhat.html tour du lịch hạ long]

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tour du lịch hạ long</A>


tour du lịch hạ long