4S Shop Business Conditions Will Be More Demanding

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March 21, Jiayi Tian wisdom, create the future "2012 National Dealer Conference, held in Sanya, Hainan wins Italian hotel, more than 200 agents from all regions of the country participated in the meeting. Training and learning is the core of the meeting, Jiayi Tian teacher lectures for site agents are invited to influence Group Yongpyong, the Yongpyong teacher senior talent assessment experts, known as "China's human resources system training the first person." . Teacher training from Yongpyong Jiayi new interpretation of the field character "of the" technical "art", "fields" of soil and more. Training conference, Long teachers with simple, humorous words to reason thoroughly publicize, causing the resonance of the field agents, won applause again and again.

Competition in the market is, in the final analysis, or human competition in the fierce market competition, who found talents grasps the key to victory. Where to find the talent  How to select talent  How to retain talent  Around these issues and the Yongpyong teacher found the answer to the actual case experience and on-site Q & A. Select First, trust in the second, to stimulate the third, control of the fourth. "Long taught Recruitment.

The training is not universal, in the face of many different individuals, each of whom received the degree and range to achieve hundred percent absorption is also a small number, Yongpyong teacher is all very practical: "By training can help agents to fewer strokes not an appropriate person, multi-trick for enterprises to contribute to a talent, the significance of this is training. "Jiayi Tian, ��general manager of Zhuhai Qing after training with deep feeling:" a day of training unknowingly end , feeling a little something more to say, Long the teachers let me have a better understanding of the election and stay of personnel, how to choose, with people, keep people and knowledge is very useful. "

Around 16:00 pm, the wisdom of training the end, followed by Jiayi Tian and agents exchange time, Jiayi Tian, kynghidongduong.vn ��general manager of Zhuhai Qing gave a speech thanking the support of dealers across the country have been, in the face of increasingly fierce this year competition, Premier Zhu insists Car audio and navigation in the end, led the team of Jiayi Tian continue to maintain a strong fighting force. Premier Zhu revealed that around 2016, Jiayi Tian will exceed one million units sales mark, brand building efforts to enhance Levin sound to increase our overseas market, pre-installed efforts to expand the market to enhance the technology Jiayi Tian innovation, product quality first. Subsequently, the Deputy General Manager of Jiayi Tian Blue Haikun Jiayi Tian, ��deputy general manager Chen Zhuanfeng market and product summary and planning.

Blue total, tour trung quoc can not be optimistic about the 2012 market, competition will become fiercer, 4S stores will be more demanding business conditions, channel flat is the development trend,

the Jiayi Tin will fully meet the challenges of the focus on walking on two legs, while increasing the support of excellent agents. Jiayi Tian R & D speed, service quality will be improved,Main products: [ ] and [ ] , are with good quality.  the Andrews platform products is the focus of its research and development. Recently, the Jiayi Tin old platform will gradually converted ARM11 platform, cost-effective platform MTK upcoming meet diverse customer needs initiatives Jiayi Tian will also be launched in July this year[ ], tour trung quốc riders Internet terminal products. so stay tuned!